we moved furniture. i helped.

sort of.

now i have the best nap spot in the world.

my life rulz!


hangover saturday. even coffee won’t help . . .

roommate person is watching real housewives of new jersey. these bitches be crazy!

roommate person also came home last night with these sunglasses that look like they belong to one of the real housewives of new jersey:

they smell like a prostitution whore. ew.

ugh. my head still hurts. time for a nap under my fav chair . please to not disturb . . .

lazy lazy day.

roommate person left this internet box thingy on again.

stupid person. electricity costs $$, yo! even i know that, and i’m a cat.

i will make this worth her $$, and use the internet until she returns.

hmmm . . . let’s see what’s up with my fav tv show . . .

don’t hate on these girls, people. i was also a homeless teen mom. that’s right. so until you’ve tried raisin’ 3 babies under a porch in revere, u prolly shouldn’t judge.

in the end, i chose adoption. or i guess animal control kinda chose adoption for me. but now my life rules! i get to sit around on the internetz all day . . .

hey, did u guys know farrah’s baby-daddy died in a car crash? true story.

bitch is still pretty crazy, tho. just sayin’.

hmmm . . . i wonder what’s up on lolcats . . .

oh, jesus! who wants to look at that?!

gag me!!!!!

wonder what’ll happen if i google “hot cats” . . .



those catz are totally doin’ it.

clear browser!!!! quickly!!!!

the internet is full of weird-ass shit, man.

roommate person should be home pretty soon, and she’s prolly gonna pretend to work on her own blog for awhile . . . time for me to look innocent . . .

thats right. nothing to see here.

until next time, bitchez!!